Portugal is a land of extensive green pastures perfect for cattle-rearing; as the Portuguese saying goes, ‘in the land of cattle, cheese is king”.

The most popular Portuguese cheese, the "Serra da Estrela", is a sheep cheese, made in the Serra da Estrela region where the highest peak of mainland Portugal is. Its smooth consistency and delicate flavour are very much comparable to the best Bries.

In a country of mountains and fine pasture lands, ideal for the raw material to produce milk for cheese making it is an important industry for employment. Portugal currently produces upwards of 13  Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status cheeses made from goat, cow and sheep milk. The trade secrets have been passed from generation to generation and still to this day, cheeses are made by hand. This give a variety of different cheeses from regions to regions offering a texture, flavour and shapes unique to our nation.